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THE TILE CLEANING COMPANYNatural Stone and Clay Tile Specialistsclean       repair     restoreEdinburgh, Central Scotland & surrounding areas

Other tiled floors

These  Limestone floor tiles looked dull and Tired, a little tlc and a floor scrubber seemed to do the trick, finishing it up with two coats of sealer.

Here we have Marble floor tiles where the tilers applied the sealant wrong leaving the floor with streak marks, I removed the old sealer left to dry overnight and then applied it properly. Makes all the difference.

These Quarry tiles were dirty and marked in places because the sealer had worn off. Once I scrubbed the floor and left overnight to dry I applied fresh sealant, the floor looked much better.

The sealant on these Terracotta floor tiles had worn off allowing dirt and stains to penetrate the surface marking the floor. these were scrubbed clea, left overnight to dry then nine coats of sealant had to be applied as Terracotta is very porous.

This Slate floor had never been sealed so afrer a quick clean, the floor was sealed to protect it from dirt and stains.

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This Limestone floor was loosing its sealant alowing dirt and stains in. After a good scrub clean It was left to dry overnight then sealed with a matt sealer to give a totally natural look as asked for.

This Victorian tile floor was badly stained and really dirty. After scrubbing it clean, I left it overnight to dry then gave it several coats of sealer to protect it.

This Slate tiled floor was dirty and stained due to the sealer wearing off. The floor was scrubbed and steam cleaned in order to fully remove all dirt and stains. after being left to dry overnight it had several coats of sealer applied to protect it. 

This Slate shower room was dirty and grimey, the seales was wearing off leaving marks especially on the floor.  I removed any excess sealer then proceeded to give the walls and floor a deep clean,.  The floor was then left to dry till the next day, I then gave the walls and floor three coats of an impregnating sealer which is absorbed into the stone. This gives the Slate wetroom a more natural look about it. The clients were very happy.

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Why choose the Tile Cleaning Company?

Here at The Tile Cleaning Company we provide a friendly, professional and comprehensive restorative tile cleaning service for Edinburgh City, surrounding areas and across Central Scotland: East Lothian, Mid Lothian, West Lothian, Lanarkshire, Perthshire. 

Natural stone and clay floor tiles enhance any floor but can be hard to clean when sealant begins to fade.  Dirt and grime can build up and no matter how often you clean the floor, it never stays clean for long.

Let us return your floor to its original condition, be it natural stone such as marble, slate, limestone, sandstone, travertine etc. or clay tiles such as terracotta, quarry, victorian etc or ceramic. Let the professionals do the hard graft so you can sit back and enjoy your newly restored tiles.  

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