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Slate  floor tiles

This Natural stone  slate kitchen floor tiles was grimey and stained.  After scrubbing clean using a professional tile cleaning solution to remove old sealant and dirt, five coats of sealant were used to fully seal the tiles and grout.

Quarry  floor tiles

These quarry tiles were covered in everything from cement left by messy builders to dirt,oil and paint. The sealant had also worn off in various places through wear and tear.  A scrubbing machine, in conjunction with a tile cleaning product, was used to clean the floor.  Then four coats of sealant was used on the tiles and grout to give a lovely sheen to the quarry tiles.

Victorian  floor tiles

This Victorian tile floor had been neglected  and badly stained with paint, glue, cement , oil and was generally very dirty.  The original sealant was worn away, allowing grime to penetrate the tiles. A concentrated solution of cleaning fluid was left to soak into the floor, then cleaned off removing all stains. Cement stains had to be removed with an acid.  The floor was then sealed with five coats of a sealant suitable for victorian floor tiles. The end result left a nicely restored VIctorian floor.

Limestone floor tiles

This Limestone floor had not been sealed when first laid. As a result grime and stains from various foodstuffs had left their mark on the floor.  Using a scrubbing machine the tiles and grout were cleaned thoroughly. The client preferred a non-shine sealant so three coats were used to fully seal and protect the floor and achieve the effect shown. 

Terracotta  floor tiles


These Terracotta tiles were grubby and stained with oil.  The floor was scrubbed clean with a specialist cleaning product to remove any old residual sealant, dirt and oil stains.  As terracotta is very porous it took nine coats of sealant to properly seal the floor but as you can see, this has given the floor a lovely sheen. 

Flagstone  floor tiles

This flagstone floor, as you can see, had not been touched for years. Underneath the layers of dirt the edges had been painted a foot in from the wall and all the way round.

This took me two days of cleaning to remove dirt and paint, and then a colour enhancing sealant was used.  Quite a difference I'm sure you will agree!

Sandstone floor tiles

The client asked to have the sandstone floor in her kitchen deep cleaned. The floor was heavily soiled with dirt and grime as well as oil stains. As the floor was riven, we were unable to use a scrubbing machine so the floor was scrubbed using deck scrubbers and a powerful cleaning agent, then rinsed with water which was then removed with a wet vac.

This cycle of cleaning and rinsing was then repeated.  A steam machine was used to break down the more stubborn stains. The client only wanted a deep clean without sealing the stone.  I strongly recommended having the floor sealed to protect the floor. However, she did not take my advice, so I don't think the floor will stay clean for long! I have added an extra image which shows half the floor cleaned, to emphasise the difference after cleaning. 

This client had just had these ceramic tiles laid, but as you can see the floor was covered in grout smears and dirty marks. Normal cleaning and steam cleaning made no difference to it. He called me in to make the tiles look as good as he saw them in the showroom where he had bought them. First I applied a cleaning agent and left it for 10 minutes to soften the marks.  I then used a scrubbing machine to remove the stains and grout smears.  The residue was then vaxed up with a wet vax.  Once the floor was dry I went over it with the buffer to bring it back to showroom standard.  The client was more than happy with the look of the ceramic tile floor.

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Here at The Tile Cleaning Company we provide a friendly, professional and comprehensive restorative tile cleaning service for Edinburgh City, surrounding areas and across Central Scotland: East Lothian, Mid Lothian, West Lothian, Lanarkshire, Perthshire. 

Natural stone and clay floor tiles enhance any floor but can be hard to clean when sealant begins to fade.  Dirt and grime can build up and no matter how often you clean the floor, it never stays clean for long.

Let us return your floor to its original condition, be it natural stone such as marble, slate, limestone, sandstone, travertine etc. or clay tiles such as terracotta, quarry, victorian etc or ceramic. Let the professionals do the hard graft so you can sit back and enjoy your newly restored tiles.  

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