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From bathroom tiles with missing grout, to cracked floor tiles and grubby Natural stone, Clay and Ceramic floor tiles needing a complete clean, strip and re-seal - we are happy to provide advice and free estimates.

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When you contact The Tile Cleaning Company we will respond promptly to your request and get in touch with you to arrange a comprehensive survey of the work needed.

This will usually entail a visit to your premises to inspect the tiled floor or other area.  The technician will discuss the process with you and advise you regarding what kind of result you can expect.

Our portfolio of before and after photos will illustrate just what can be achieved when restoring natural stone or clay tiles.  We will follow this up with a competitive estimate.  When we get the go-ahead we will endeavour to arrange a start date for the work to commmence as soon as possible, on a date that is suits you. 


The technician carrying out the work is fully trained in the latest techniques and products.  We aim to provide a friendly reliable service with quality workmanship and a professional approach. 


we will give your floor a deep clean to remove not only dirt and grime, but paint, old sealant, grout smears and other stains.  Once this is accomplished, a sealer that best suits your floor will be applied: different stone and clay tiles benefit from different types of sealer - some suit a high polish, others suit a sealer that looks completely matt; other natural stone and clay tiles suit sealers that give a subtle sheen. 

Example of the restoration of a Victorian floor

Victorian tiles have been in use for well over a hundred years and are still being made today. They bring an elegance to many a floor. Those who are lucky enough to have an original victorian floor know that it can take a lot of maintenance to keep it looking good.

Many problems can arise, from faded to non-existent sealant making it very difficult to keep clean, cracked and loose tiles caused by floor movement or missing sections of tiles.

The owner of this floor believed there was an old victorian tiled floor underneath the vinyl tiles in her hallway. I was hired to remove the vinyl tiles, and restore the floor.

After removing the tiles I used a concentrated tile cleaner and a steam cleaner to remove the grime and glue from the tiles in order to find the true extent of the damage. Many tiles were badly cracked and some were missing. These I replaced, then, after another good clean, I sealed the floor to protect it and bring it back to life. 

Wine Stain

Here I have carried out an experiment to show a worst case scenario to show what can be achieved without all the hassle of replacing a tile. Imagine you are having some friends round for a meal the following day or even later the same evening, a bottle of wine is dropped and smashes on your limestone floor (or other calciferous stone floor). The sealant on your floor has faded and the wine stains the floor. Conventional cleaners wont remove the stain, it is there for good. What do you do?  I poured red wine on an unsealed travertine tile and left it to soak in for three days. I then set about removing the pigment from the floor. Once finished you would almost never know it had been there.

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Why choose the Tile Cleaning Company?

Here at The Tile Cleaning Company we provide a friendly, professional and comprehensive restorative tile cleaning service for Edinburgh City, surrounding areas and across Central Scotland: East Lothian, Mid Lothian, West Lothian, Lanarkshire, Perthshire. 

Natural stone and clay floor tiles enhance any floor but can be hard to clean when sealant begins to fade.  Dirt and grime can build up and no matter how often you clean the floor, it never stays clean for long.

Let us return your floor to its original condition, be it natural stone such as marble, slate, limestone, sandstone, travertine etc. or clay tiles such as terracotta, quarry, victorian etc or ceramic. Let the professionals do the hard graft so you can sit back and enjoy your newly restored tiles.  

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